[Freeswitch-users] mod_voicemail and non-numeric id

Anton Kvashenkin anton.jugatsu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 11:51:00 MSD 2012

Hello list.

I've decided to use non-numeric id's at users configuration.

<user id="001565229c95" number-alias="109" mailbox="109">

But when the call goes to voicemail app

<action application="bridge" data="loopback/app=voicemail:default
${domain_name} ${dialed_extension}"/>

switch_ivr_play_say.c:244 Handle say:[001565229c95] (ru:ru)
2012-04-27 11:39:54.452208 [INFO] mod_say_ru.c:721 ru_say!!!  001565229c95!
  say_opt.gender=0   say_opt.cases=0
2012-04-27 11:39:54.532157 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_play_say.c:1309 Codec
Activated L16 at 16000hz 1 channels 20ms

The mod_say pronounces user id. How to force to pronounce number-alias?
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