[Freeswitch-users] Using Softphone on same machine as FreeSwitch?

LearningFS amilkhanzada at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 23:54:45 MSD 2012

Nandy Dagondon <gcd <at> i.ph> writes:

> the x-lite is okay but IMHO add at least 2 real phones (IP or ATA) for 
complete testing e.g. conference calls, call forwarding, etc.

Hi Nandy,

Thanks for the response. I finally got a softphone working by:
1. In "conf/vars.xml", changing 'data="$${local_ip_v4}"' to 
2. Downloading Twinkle via Ubuntu package manager
3. Changing Twinkle to use Port 5062 in System Settings->Network->Sip Port (this 
was necessary because FS was locking port 5060 as everything is on the same 
4. Setting up my SIP account in Twinkle using my IP address shown as "inet 
addr:" after running ifconfig
5. Adding a contact with phone number "sip:1019 at"
6. Right clicking this contact and sending an instant message

However, I am getting strange problems now. Twinkle can make phone calls, but it 
crashes when I try to end a phone call.
Twinkle can send text messages and freeswitch shows "[INFO] mod_sms.c:299 
Processing text message 1004->1019 in context default" but my default.xml script 
is not executed (as seen on http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Mod_sms). I don't 
get any response saying "Hello, you said hello"

Any ideas?
I'll try digging in to this more, but I really think this has something to do 
with me trying to run everything on the same machine. Is there any setting in 
FreeSwitch to allow this?


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