[Freeswitch-users] Internal profile not started at FS startup if extension uses TCP

Mario G mario_fs at mgtech.com
Mon Apr 2 22:30:58 MSD 2012

It is a plist on OSX. Has been fine since 2010. I duplicated the issue by setting the in the plist, here is a replacement since I turned on all kinds of logging and finally found a message. Here is an update:

A TCP extension causes already in use MSG and  Internal profile fails

I added an iPad softphone (tested SoftPhone and Bria) that requires TCP and all works fine except: When FS is restarted 2am each day the INTERNAL profile is not activated causing all internal extensions to stay offline. If  the TCP extension is off or set UDP all works.  Anytime after the restart I can "sofia profile internal start" to fix it. I am on Saturdays (03-30) GIT (to test the new 1.2). The only thing I can find is the "Address already in use" below which is shortly followed by the error creating internal. The .7 address is FS and there is nothing else using it. Any ideas why it says in use ONLY when an extension is set for TCP?
Mario G

tport_bind_server(0x1003a9850): calling tport_listen for tcp
nta: master transport created
tport_alloc_primary(0x1003a9850): new primary tport 0x1003993e0
tport_listen(0x1003a9850): bind(pf=2 tcp/[]:5060): Address already in use   <---------------
nta: bind(;transport=*): Address already in use
nua: initializing SIP stack failed
nua: nua_stack_deinit: entering
tport_bind_server(0x1006dd850) to */
sres_sofia_update(0x1003a7e10, -1, -1)
sres_sofia_update(0x0, -1, -1)
tport_bind_server(0x1006dd850): calling tport_listen for udp
tport_alloc_primary(0x1006dd850): new primary tport 0x1003a9ba0
su_kqueue_port_deinit(0x10039e350) called
tport_listen(0x1003a9ba0): listening at udp/
tport_bind_server(0x1006dd850): calling tport_listen for tcp
tport_alloc_primary(0x1006dd850): new primary tport 0x10039e440
tport_listen(0x10039e440): listening at tcp/
nta: bound to (;transport=*)
nta: agent_init_via: SIP/2.0/udp (sip)
nta: agent_init_via: SIP/2.0/tcp (sip)
nta: Via fields initialized
nta: Contact header created
2012-04-02 11:00:35.147184 [ERR] sofia.c:1940 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: internal   <---------------------
nua_register: Adding contact URL '' to list.
tport_wakeup_pri(0x1003a9ba0): events IN
tport_recv_iovec(0x1003a9ba0) msg 0x1003a74e0 from (udp/ has 20 bytes, veclen = 1

On Apr 2, 2012, at 11:08 AM, Michael Collins wrote:

> What is the 2am restart? Is that a cron job or...?
> On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Mario G <mario_fs at mgtech.com> wrote:
> I added an iPad softphone that requires TCP to converse battery. Everything works except: FS is restarted 2am each day but does not activate the INTERNAL profile, this causes all internal extensions to stay offline. If  the TCP extension is off all works. Odd: I cannot reproduce this at any other time manually, it only occurs at the 2am restart! So debugging has been a bugger. Anytime after 2am I can "sofia profile internal start" and all is well. I ran with sofia loglevel all 9 and the TCP devices IPs did not show up in the log at all and NO MENTION of INTERNAL in the log. It's as if the file is missing, there is nothing in the FS log to provide a hint. I searched the FS wiki and web and found a TCP bug mentioned march 2011 but I updated FS to Saturdays (03-30) GIT (to test the new 1.2 anyway) and no change. BTW, I tried 2 different clients (SoftPhone and Bria) and both had the problem. Anyone have an idea what to try next?
> Mario G
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