[Freeswitch-users] Bridging connection analog line->freeswitch->outbound and getting meaningful data

Marcus Mülbüsch muelbuesch at as-infodienste.de
Mon Apr 2 19:50:41 MSD 2012

Hello all,

    before I ask my question: We have an old "Sangoma Technologies Corp. 
A104u Quad T1/E1 AFT" card. Getting a newer card for this server is out 
of question. To make it run we had to use "WANPIPE Release:" 
and could get it to work only with "FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.4 (exported)" 
and thus use openzap instead of freetdm. Duh. Now, there also is an 
"Digium, Inc. Wildcard TDM2400P 24-port analog card" in the server.

    Everything is up and running (finally), and we can successfully 
accept calls on the analog card, and freeswitch switches it through the 
Digital or VoIP lines outbound.

    However, there is the matter that we do not get meaningful (for us) 
billing data in the CDR:

    "${start_stamp}" and "${end_stamp}" are correct, but the 
"${answer_stamp}" shows the time where the incoming call is accepted by 
freeswitch. Since the call is accepted we also never get another 
"${hangup_cause}" than "NORMAL_CLEARING".

    However, we would like to have the time (and hangup_cause) where the 
*outbound* connection is answered. This is especially annoying if the 
outbound connection is refused; for example because the line is busy.

    How is it possible to bring freeswitch to use the outgoing 
connection to record the answer_stamp?

    Am I doing something completely wrong?

    Any help or pointers are thankfully accepeted!


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