[Freeswitch-users] Usecure identification of Gateway (incoming call).

Artur Cichocki acichocki at supermedia.pl
Tue Jan 18 16:13:56 MSK 2011


What is the proper way of gateway identification in incoming call?

The variable_sip_gateway looks like directly taken from the sip_req_user 
(username from INVITE).

I am using two FS, FS2 as a gateway for FS1. Gateway name "testgw", 
username "testuser", and a lua script dumping variables.

Case 1:
Simple configuration according to FS wiki. Everything looks fine, 
incoming call from FS2:

FS2: Registred as: Contact: "user" 
<sip:gw+testgw at 212.180.x.x:5080;transport=udp;gw=testgw>
FS1: variable_sip_gateway: testgw

Case 2:
Configuration with added:
<param name="extension-in-contact" value="true"/>

FS2: Registered as :Contact: "user" 
<sip:testuser at 212.180.x.x:5080;transport=udp;gw=testgw>
FS1: variable_sip_gateway does not exist (!)

Case 3:
Configuration from Case 1.
I am using Linksys SPA adapter, calling FS1 directly by ip, using 
"gw+testgw" as a destination user/number.

FS1: variable_sip_gateway: testgw
(looks like serious security flaw)

Artur Cichocki

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