[Freeswitch-users] Originate command freezes Grandstream phone

Sébastien Frippiat sfrippiat at dti-be.com
Thu Jan 6 18:40:34 MSK 2011


I already posted about this problem without much answers 
and I thought it was the time to ask again, with more informations.

First, I posted several parts of my configuration 
(http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/14936) as well as the full logs of my 
two tests (http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/14937).

I use two phones (26 & 27 are their sip id):
- 26 = Grandstream GXP2000
- 27 = Snom M3

The first test freezes the Grandstream phone but the second one works 
fine. The only thing changing in these two tests is the direction of the 
origination. Note that everything is on the same internal network.

1) originate {{origination_caller_id_name='Test originate 
2) originate {{origination_caller_id_name='Test originate 

1) Grandstream GXP2000 -> Snom M3 => KO (Grandstream completely freezes 
with horrible sounds on the speaker)
2) Snom M3 -> Grandstream GXP2000 => OK (no phones/audio problems)

It was previously working with a version from 2010/09/09 and when we 
updated to 2010/12/09 (git-e680c82 2010-12-09 08-59-06 -0600), it wasn't 
working anymore.
Latest version doesn't solve the issue.

Note that the caller name show on the phone is "Outbound call" in this 
case but the correct name is shown when directly calling from a phone to 
another one.

Anybody can help ?

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