[Freeswitch-users] originate call generates weird noise and freezes phone

Sébastien Frippiat sfrippiat at dti-be.com
Tue Dec 14 11:33:35 MSK 2010

Setting verbose_sdp to true didn't seem to change anything.

I enabled logs by pressing F8 (console loglevel 7) + F10 (sofia profile 
internal siptrace on). You can find them here: 

Sorry there are several unrelated SIP messages but I prefered not to 
delete anything from the logs.

Thank you for your help,
Sebastien Frippiat

Le 13/12/2010 17:10, Anthony Minessale a écrit :
> try setting the global variable verbose_sdp=true in vars.xml
> if that doesn't work, post a trace at debug log level + sip trace with
> sofia global siptrace on
> On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Sébastien Frippiat
> <sfrippiat at dti-be.com>  wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I was using FreeSwitch from 2010/09/09 (don't have the exact git version
>> sorry) but I recently updated it with version from 2010/12/09 (git-e680c82
>> 2010-12-09 08-59-06 -0600). I run an application that handles web requests
>> and convert them to originate calls. Everything was working fine but now,
>> anytime I try an originate call, everything goes wrong.
>> Here is what I do (to originate a call from 26 to 27):
>> - bgapi originate {{parameters }}sofia/internal/26% 27
>>    with the following parameters:
>>      origination_caller_id_name='{0}',
>>      origination_caller_id_number='{1}',
>>      originate_timeout=20,
>>      effective_caller_id_name='{2}',
>>      effective_caller_id_number='{3}',
>>      allow_outside_calls={0},
>>      outside_calls_gateway={1}
>>    (the last two parameters are user parameters I use in my dialplan)
>> - phone 26 starts ringing and I pick it up (silence on the line)
>> - phone 27 starts ringing and I pick it up (lots of deafening noise + phone
>> freezes after a few seconds)
>> As I said, it was working fine with version from early september. I did not
>> find anything useful in the logs or in the config. Has anything changed ?
>> What can I do to solve this problem ?
>> I tested with a Grandstream GXP2000 and a SNOM M3 and only the Grandstream
>> has the problem. I suspect a codec issue but what puzzles me is that it was
>> previously working and that it completely freezes the phone.
>> Thanks,
>> Sebastien
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