[Freeswitch-users] Sangoma Cards or FXS gateway for high port density setup (~ 160 fxs)

guru singh grsingh750 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 12:25:19 MSK 2011


Happy New Year!

What would you recommend for a solution that requires ~160 fxs ports?
Should I get a Sangoma A200, in fact 7 of them and put them on to my
server or look for other products like Audiocodes/Patton fxs gateways
If I choose Sangoma cards, then I don't think I can set up a HA
scenario since, all fxs ports will be on the FS box itself.
But from what I've read people have horrible things to say about most
gateway devices. They are prone to failure and the support is also
very lax.
So what good would be HA anyway, if one of these gateways fails and
knocks 32 fxs ports off!
Also I see that Sangoma is actively involved with the FreeSwitch
project and digging through the mailing lists, I could see great
support as well.
Is it advisable to have 6-7 cards with 12 fxs modules each on my FS server?

Any suggestions/pointers/heads-up would be really appreciated.


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