[Freeswitch-users] tls/ssl gateway insists on registering SIP

Jerre Cope jerre at j-cope.com
Fri Oct 15 11:12:39 PDT 2010

I'm attempting to implement the Hybrid model as shown on



My idea was to create a dial plan so that when FS(Truck) dials 999, a 
secure connection could be made to the office.

The pastebin shows my directory entry in FS(Office) and the external 
gateway in FS(truck)


The gateway insists on connecting on 5060, calls made through the 
gateway appear in tshark to be using tls.  I can block 5060 at the 
FS(office) firewall after registration and make calls through the 
gateway OK until FS(truck) tries to register again.

The FS(truck) default gateway is voip.ms, the idea being non-secured 
calls would go out the voip.ms gateway so as to limit the traffic to 

I'm operating way beyond my experience, so my attempt at this may be a 
goofy start.  I'm asking for a little direction/perspective on how to 
implement.  I'm using ssl because all my FS(trucks) will be dynamic IPs.

Thanks for all the really cool programming/documentation so far.  I'm 
having great fun!

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