[Freeswitch-users] Read only filesystem

Troy Anderson freeswitch at tlainvestments.com
Fri Oct 15 11:53:31 PDT 2010

I certainly don't know if this is a freeswitch specific issue, but we have several systems in the field running freeswitch on top of CentOS 5.5 and others on Ubuntu 10.04.  Some of the systems, after a weeks of performance, go into a read only state on the hard drive, at which point, a restart is the only fix.  After the reboot, the drive seems OK - I've run smartctl to verify that all seems good.  Sometimes, in readonly mode, it even gives an I/O error when trying to execute the /sbin/shutdown and we have to manually reboot.

At this point, I am trying to figure out what may be the root cause.  Has anyone else experienced something this?  Any suggestions?


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