[Freeswitch-users] Problems with fs_cli on OS X 10.6.4

Mathieu Rene mrene_lists at avgs.ca
Wed Oct 6 17:29:03 PDT 2010


Did you start FreeSWITCH before? fs_cli is only used to connect to the console of a running FreeSWITCH instance.

If you did, try starting it without the -nc switch, it should stay in the foreground and tell you whats wrong, if you have a console you can also check that mod_event_socket is properly loaded (load mod_event_socket)

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On 2010-10-06, at 8:23 PM, Peter Schrock wrote:

> Okay, so I managed to get FS working the other day and I even managed to test a call and test my voicemail. All seemed to be working smoothly until, because of the rain here, my power went out and I had to reboot my computer. I logged in through the terminal, set up FS in background went to fs_cli and I get this error message:
> [ERROR] libs/esl/fs_cli.c:1206 main() Error Connecting [Socket Connection Error]
> I managed to figure out that in the file "fs_cli.c" on line 1206 you find the code for displaying this error message. The problem is that I don't know why this error message is occurring. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to what I should look at to resolve this problem?
> I even tried going to the git tree and make current, but that gave me problems that forced me to turn off mod_spandsp and mod_skyopen in the modules.conf, which I had running earlier. Any thoughts?
> PeterS
> PS
> I am not sure if this is of any help, but in addition to the error line above, it also posted this info:
> Usage: fs_cli [-H <host>] [-P <port>] [-p <secret>] [-d <level>] [-x command] [profile]
>   -?,-h --help                    Usage Information
>   -H, --host=hostname             Host to connect
>   -P, --port=port                 Port to connect (1 - 65535)
>   -u, --user=user at domain          user at domain
>   -p, --password=password         Password
>   -x, --execute=command           Execute Command and Exit
>   -l, --loglevel=command          Log Level
>   -q, --quiet                     Disable logging
>   -r, --retry                     Retry connection on failure
>   -R, --reconnect                 Reconnect if disconnected
>   -d, --debug=level               Debug Level (0 - 7)
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