[Freeswitch-users] Newbie Questions

Ken Fulmer kenfulmer at icstechnologysolutions.com
Fri Mar 19 08:13:34 PDT 2010

1.       We would like to transcode from g711mu internally to g729 for PSTN
calls. Is this possible? 

2.       We are using sipX as an open source PBX. We'd like to use
FreeSwitch purely as a B2BUA for connectivity to the PSTN. Our Polycom
phones use SIP REFER messages to do call transfers and our ITSPs can't
handle those. So, we've tried the "under the hood" FreeSwitch within sipX.
It works for many applications but we need to scale a unified system for
larger customer deployments. If we want to create a trunk to an ITSP and a
trunk to an internal PBX, would we use the external gateway XML files for
both? We don't plan to point any internal phones to the FreeSwitch box
(we're using sipX as an internal PBX). 

3.       If we use multiple ITSPs, can we assign a priority to each one, so
one will be chosen first? 

4.       I understand no performance metrics are posted. Can anyone share
their experiences with passing RTP through the server? Does RTP affect
performance in a big way (very open ended question, I know). We are looking
for ball park answers so we'll have some idea of scalability for our




Ken Fulmer


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