[Freeswitch-users] ICE related sdp headers forwarding

RobertT siniypin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 04:18:55 PDT 2010

Should someone want to know the answers I found, here they are.

I had two ideas about how to forward SDP ICE-related headers from FS to
*1. Redirect a directly to b. But to accomplish this I've to know b's IP,
that it was registered with, which is being stored in sip_registrations
db. Can I obtain it with db app in dialplan and substitute as a parameter to
deflect app?
*This is* *rather simple - just call "defend" app from dialplan with
${destination_number} parameter. Actually, FS answers with a bit awkward
address in Refer-to header, containing <profile_name><destination>@<domain>,
so one would have to parse recieved address manually, to use a correct sip
uri. Did I make something wrong?..
*2. Force FS to copy remote SDP headers, or at least a part of them, to it's
local SDP.*
This is even more simple - just set inbound_bypass_media to true in sofia
profile settings, and FS will leave all of the SDP headers intact. But, you
have to remember, that media traffic for this profile will bypass FS, as
parameter's name implies. Therefore FS will not be able to manipulate media
data in anyway.

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