[Freeswitch-users] ICE related sdp headers forwarding

RobertT siniypin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 01:17:23 PST 2010

Hi guys!

In my installation I have a public FS being connected by lots of clients and
being used to connect them with each other. Some of them might be backed by
various NATs. And though they all use STUN to discover their public IP
address, sometimes it's just not enough to provide two-way sound. These
clients all have ICE and TURN support, but it is useless, since FS doesn't
support ICE (at least that's what I know), and there are no ICE-related
headers in FS's originating SDP for b-leg. Currently, all calls are being
connected by means of bridge app with proxy_media mode enabled.

For now, I can only think of couple of ways to enable ICE negotiation
between a and b:
1. Redirect a directly to b. But to accomplish this I've to know b's IP,
that it was registered with, which is being stored in sip_registrations
db. Can I obtain it with db app in dialplan and substitute as a parameter to
deflect app?
2. Force FS to copy remote SDP headers, or at least a part of them, to it's
local SDP.
3. I feel I might be missing something important...

Please help me to find a best solution to enable ICE negotiation.

Best regards, RobertT.
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