[Freeswitch-users] g711 to g722 transcoding causing distortion on Polycom IP6000 handsets

Dan Lane null at invalid.name
Mon Mar 8 11:42:12 PST 2010

This is almost certainly more of a Polycom issue than a FreeSWITCH one
but I'll mention it here on the offchance that someone else has
experienced the following:

Loud G.711a calls that are being transcoded to G.722 are massively
distorted on Polycom IP6000 handsets and on all other handsets the
call just sounds loud and isn't distorted. This is most common in
conference calls where callers are using a mixture of codecs.

If I disable G.722 the Polycom sounds fine even though the G.711a call
is still too loud and if I lower the volume of the conference the
distortion still happens.

So, has anyone else experienced this and if so, did you find a solution?

Dan Lane

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