[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH cluster with IM/Presence

Even André Fiskvik grevenx at me.com
Mon Mar 8 10:52:57 PST 2010


I currently have a project where I'm researching how to establish a clustered and scalable platform with:
- registration
- presence/blf between eyebeam/bria and Linksys SPA962 clients
- IM between eyebeam/bria clients.
- calling between the clients

The first scenario I want to test is with two FreeSWITCH servers and shared ODBC db running in a "cluster". 
How the registrations and calls etc. are balanced between them is not decided
yet, but I'm thinking that a UltraMonkey setup or DNS SRV records could to the trick here?
The main challenge in this setup is sharing presence, and doing call-setup and IM between two FreeSWITCH servers
(which can be scaled by adding n-nodes).

I'm interested in user's that can confirm wether this solution is possible or not with FreeSWITCH and it's current state, 
and what it would take to make something like this work. If there's any part of FS that is lacking some implementation
to make such a scenario work, we are interested in providing the funding to support those features.
I've seen that the core db has added support for ODBC, but I'm not sure wether this is something that would
be helpful in this scenario or not.

This is only conceptual right now, so I'm interested in paying someone that could help me configure the two FS servers 
to support this scenario on an hourly basis to get a quick proof-of-concept up and running. The proof-of-concept has to 
be completed by March 19th, after which we will evaluate what technologies and setup we want to commit to.

Some other variations I'm concidering is Opensips/Kamailio -> Asterisk, Opensips/Kamailio -> FreeSWITCH, Opensips/Kamailio -> Asterisk and Openfire + Asterisk-im plugin for IM/presence.
I'm also open to other suggestions, but I'd like this topic to stay on how FreeSWITCH could facilitate such a platform.

Best regards,
Even André Fiskvik
CTO - Oyatel AS

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