[Freeswitch-users] Call keeps hanging up

Mark Sobkow m.sobkow at marketelsystems.com
Fri Mar 5 08:42:39 PST 2010

>>     Try using park_after_bridge and catch the park event or
>>     transfer_after_bridge and set the dialplan location to transfer the call
>>     to.
>>     Andrew
>     What a relief.  "transfer_after_bridge" worked!  Plus it provided
>     an obvious way for me to collect the call result code, fire it
>     back to Erlang, and leave the operator waiting for the next
>     incoming call. :)
> "Another satisfied customer!" :D Now it's time to throw some of that 
> Canadian colored money at Tony's paypal account. ;)
> BTW, what kind of solution are you developing?
> -MC
Tech support call center solution right now, with bidirectional 
calling.  If a customer calls in and no one is available, they have the 
option of requesting a callback instead of waiting online, so both 
inbound and outbound calls have to be handled.  I'm also having fun with 
skill-based routing of calls (which is more complex than mod_fifo can 

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