[Freeswitch-users] Changing Title just for Goran!

Tod Hansmann freeswitch.org at todandlorna.com
Thu Mar 4 21:25:22 PST 2010


I can understand your desire for production stable versions.  You are 
obviously looking for stability for your client(s) and any risk you put 
them in you incur.  I have similar concerns in my own work, where 
updating FreeSWITCH could potentially cause issues that might cost the 
company money for downtime and headaches for me.  I empathize.

For a moment, please return this courtesy and try to understand this 
from the developers' perspective.  I believe you have (if you don't 
currently) done tech support for others.  Nagging didn't help you solve 
the problem any faster and often time, it makes the problem more 
difficult to approach with such a distraction.  This is effectively what 
you are doing for your needs.

Exercise some patience, or for a more timely solution, realize something 
about the FreeSWITCH project.  This is not a company with a Q-A 
department or a robust test-lab.  This is a group of individuals working 
on open-source software in various locations with various testing 
processes in place, and further help needed.  Thus, their current 
"trunk" from SVN has to be stable for their multitude of test processes, 
and code review has more relevance than Q-A.

Try trunk.  It will be just as stable for 90% of uses as 1.0.5 release 
will be.  Do a proper backup and a test run.  If you see problems, roll 
back.  It's not hard, it gets you resolved fast, and the project doesn't 
get derailed by constant questions about when it can get done.

Perhaps you'd like to give back to the project your client is relying 
on.  In that case, you can do some Q-A and test as well.  Work in Jira 
if you have such skills and do the testing.  If not, that's ok too. 
Just let other capable hands do it on their own timetable.  They're not 
lazy, and they're not unaware of the demand for 1.0.5.  It would do 
wonders if you could acknowledge that talent working for your benefit 
instead of conveying your displeasure that it is not happening on your 
specific timetable.


-Tod Hansmann

On 3/4/2010 6:34 PM, Goran Donev wrote:
> I am having problems with my production server and I can not mess with
> interim builds not knowing what else they can break.
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