[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch and postgresql as db core

Madovsky infos at madovsky.org
Thu Mar 4 19:55:22 PST 2010

Is there any example of how to use pgsql as db core on wiki ?
I tried to adapt this example
for pgsql but no success.
I'm trying to connect to it fhru openvpn.
tcpdump -i tap1 on the destination server doesn't show any packet exchange.
I set odbc.ini as this :

Driver   = /usr/lib64/psqlodbc.so
PORT     = 5432
DATABASE = freeswitch

and set all xml conf where odbc-dsn is as this :
<param name="core-db-dsn" value="freeswitch-pgsql:login:pwd" />

didn't find anything interesting on google


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