[Freeswitch-users] silly (?) questions

Peter P GMX Prometheus001 at gmx.net
Mon May 18 07:04:43 PDT 2009

Hello Jean-Yves,

did you ever try a call-trough? (a person dials in (1234567, see below)
types the target number as DTMF and gets connected to this number?

A basic dialplan can be like this:
<extension name="Dialthru">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(1234567)$">
    <action application="play_and_get_digits" data="5 25 3 7000 #
ivr/8000/ivr-enter_ext.wav voicemail/8000/vm-that_was_an_invalid_ext.wav
foobar \d+"/>
    <action application="transfer" data="${foobar} XML default"/>

For "\d+" you may define your regular expression, which numbers you
would accept. Also you may try to redirect into the dialplan again after
the number is entered (instead  of directly transferring the call).

Best regards

Jean-Yves F. Barbier schrieb:
> Hi list,
> I just discovered FS (practiced a bit * 2 years ago, but too much unstable)
> and find it cool, NOT CPU greedy and (almost) working ouf of the web.
> I'd like to know if "star codes" (such as *98) are normalized or not?
> (and if so, where I could find a list)
> Also, as I don't use very much my phone and mostly don't pay for it (I
> live in france and got unlimited free call for 70-80 countries, and
> my phone is actually plugged in my ADSL box) I'd like to leave access
> for other people through something like DUNDi (that I don't really
> know.)
> BUT not everything is free (i.e.: cellular phones calls cost €0.22 @
> connection + €0.22/min); thus I must forbid this kind of calls.
> Does anybody have realized that, because I need a good template?
> Thanks
> JY

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