[Freeswitch-users] Unable to successfully bridge calls to an "external" user

David Robinson pawzlion at gmail.com
Mon May 18 01:20:46 PDT 2009

Ok, my FS box is on a LAN IP (, but it is setup as the DMZ  
machine on my modem so it can receive incoming connections without any  
NAT related problems.

I'm trying to get a user outside on the internet to connect to my FS  
box and register as an internal user. He is using X-Lite on his laptop  
behind his own NAT. His external IP is

His registration looks like this:

Call-ID:        NGU1NjE4ZmIxODMwMWM1OTZlMDYzMzk0NjMyMjM1YWY.
User:           1001 at
Contact:        "" <sip:1001 at;rinstance=c5779e159bbe8bc7 
Agent:          X-Lite release 1014k stamp 47051
Status:         Registered(UDP)(unknown) EXP(2009-05-18 19:32:03)
Host:           kira
Port:           40168
Auth-User:      1001

I note that it's registered as plain UDP, not UDP-NAT like my own  
internal extensions are.

The dialplan is set to route this DID (0746029001) to user 1001@$$ 
{domain} as follows:

	<extension name="Jake">
		<condition field="destination_number" expression="^(0746029001)$">
			<action application="bridge" data="USER/1001@$${domain}"/>

When I try and make a call from my mobile (0451282630) to the DID, it  
says it's bridging to USER/1001 at, but when the person  
answers, we get no audio in either direction. It rings and answers  
fine, it just doesn't send any audio in either direction so I'm  
suspecting a bridging problem.

The log file of the connection is on the web at http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/8990

The bridge line is:
EXECUTE sofia/external/0451282630 at bridge(USER/1001 at 

But the sofia address for the connection is shown as sofia/internal/sip:1001 at;rinstance=c5779e159bbe8bc7

Is this correct ? Am I missing something fundamental ? His user  
address is @, but his sofia address is sip: 
1001 at Is this OK or should his user ID be at his  
actual ip address ? This seems normal to me as I believe the  
address is the "domain" of the FS box. Is it OK that he's in the same  
domain as my own users on my LAN or am I supposed to configure a  
different domain for him because he's "outside".

I thought maybe it was a double-NAT problem, but the log doesn't show  
any fs_nat=yes entries so I assume it's not trying to NAT him (as it  
shouldn't). The situation is an external mobile rings my DID, so the  
call comes in from my provider's address, hits my FS box, which  
successfully sends at least the ringing information out to his  
softphone at his external IP, but then when it bridges, it seems not  
to send the audio to the right place.

I'm terrible with FS log files so I have no idea whether any of the  
entries are wrong. What's likely to be my issue here ? Is it NAT- 
related, or routing related ? Any suggestions appreciated.


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