[Freeswitch-users] Fax through FS to Callweaver. How?

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Wed May 13 08:02:31 PDT 2009


I've been playing with fs/callweaver for a couple weeks.

I have fs routing calls and passing them to callweaver. In proxy_media 
mode it works perfectly in bypass_media mode it works only sometimes.

Are you doing an 'answer' on FS before you bridge the call?

Are you sure that the call is being put in proxy_media mode?

Do you have canreinvite=yes on callweaver set?

I also had to put the following in my extensions.conf:

exten => s,n,Set(SIP_CODEC=ulaw)
exten => s,n,SipT38SwitchOver()

Those are some of the things I played with to get it working.

Let me know how you make out. Fax over IP is an odyssey.

> hi,
> we are doing a lot with freeswitch and everything works absolutely perfect.
> the only thing we are missing, is a good support for fax over ip - may
> it be for offering a fax-2-mail service or just passing incoming
> fax-calls from our fs-servers to a "real" fax-machine.
> now we have another server only for callweaver, which has a great
> fax-support. if we send faxes from our fax-machine over our
> sip-provider (who supports t.38) directly to the cw-server, all faxes
> are beeing received and saved by cw. but if we send faxes over the
> same sip-provider first to fs and then do a bridge to the cw-server,
> all faxes fail.
> we set <param name="inbound-late-negotiation" value="true"/> in
> internal.xml and play with bypass_media=true and/or proxy_media=true
> in the dialplan. it simply does not work.
> i think and hope that there are some other settings i can change, so
> that fs is nothing more than just a "tunnel" and let both sides
> communicate with eachother?
> does someone know callweaver and can tell me, if there are some
> important settings to be set for making it work with fs in the middle?
> thanks & kind regards
> dennis
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