[Freeswitch-users] DTMF recognition flaky

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Fri May 8 00:19:00 PDT 2009

I've narrowed this problem down.

When I call my ISP's DTMF test and issue DTMF from the Snom phone, do_2833()
from switch_rtp.c is never called, as evidenced by freeswitch.log.

However, if I call a friend's FreeSWITCH box from the phone (via my FreeSWITCH
instance), do_2833() is called. It is also called if I use the voicemail
extension on my local FreeSWITCH.

Finally, if I call my ISP via PortAudio and use the pa dtmf command, do_2833()
is called.

It's either something in my configuration, or a bug.

I'll keep looking. Anyone with ideas is welcome to offer suggestions.

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