[Freeswitch-users] Compact, fanless appliance?

Antonio Gallo gallo at mctelefonia.com
Mon May 4 01:19:31 PDT 2009

> The cheapest PC's I find are > 230€ (Asus' EeePC), and with not enough room
> to stick a PCI card.
Well actually a barebone with VIA C7 + 1 slot for PCI card (carefull you 
have to remove some metal part otherwise Sangoma/Digium card will not 
fit *LOL*)
and external PSU are around 190/215€ for 1 pieces. If 800/1200 Mhz are 
enough for you its a good choice. This hardware has problem with old 
kernel (LAN freezes).

For even smaller hardware you can check "Acrosser" that AFAIK produces 
motherboard for poker/casino game machine.
Or check the super small ALIX motherboard (those one has MINI-PCI) and 
fit in something like a router-metal-box and you'll stay around 95/120€. 
but with like 400 Mhz i think.

> Considering a Gigabyte GA-GC220 mobo sells for less than $50 retail + $60
> for a PicoPSU, I'm surprised no one has come up with a mass-produced,
> CF-based $99 computer box :-/ That would be ideal to build a no-frill,
> virus-safe Linux box for web surfing... and a SOHO Freeswitch server.
Actually i dislike solution with only 1 internal PSU.
As customer i will never purchase it because i know that at one point in 
time it will broke and i'll have the machine stopped for X hours of 
With external PSU you can just plug in the new one. With 2 PSU you just 
need headspeakers to limit the soound from the PSU alarm noise :-P

Also don't forget that if you're in europe and buy components and 
assemble them in a new product you have to make the "C.E." tests 
yourself (around 500/4000€)

Antonio Gallo (agx)

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