[Freeswitch-users] FS & Outbound proxy

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Sun May 3 14:27:53 PDT 2009

Brian West napsal(a):
> Setting the proxy vs register-proxy in the gateway should do what you
> want can you verify that?

Thank you very much, Brian, for you interest!

Using proxy and regiter-proxy solves only 1 half of my problem => I can
successfuly register with provider (register-proxy is in R-URI of
REGISTER and packet is send to same address), but all calls (INVITEs)
have in R-URI proxy address and are sent to this proxy instead of
Outbnound proxy - becasue I have no idea how to tell to FreeSWITCH how
to send INVITEs to OB.
It is three independant machines - registrar, proxy, outbound proxy.
What I found using sipsak is:
1. To be succesufly registered I can send REGISTER to registrar or to
Outbound proxy, but R-URI of register should allways point to registrar.
2. For succesfull call I have to send INVITE to Otbound proxy with R-URI
pointing to proxy.

Best regards,


> /b
> On May 3, 2009, at 3:33 PM, kokoska rokoska wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> while I read some threads about Outbound Proxy, I'm still not sure how
>> to use it :-)
>> Well, what's going on:
>> I want to send and receive calls from/to my TSP which uses outbound proxy.
>> For that, I have to register with providers registrar (R1), receive
>> calls from outbound proxy (O1) and send calls (D-URI) to outbound proxy
>> (O1), but with R-URI pointing to real proxy (P1).
>> BTW: registar and proxy challenge me for credentials...
>> Registering with R1, receiving calls from O1 is simple and works fine.
>> But I still cant successfuly send calls to O1 with R-URI of P1.
>> When I try to add fs_path to "dialing" thru gateway, it is silently
>> ignored...
>> Any hint is really welcome :-)
>> Best regards,
>> kokoska.rokoska
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