[Freeswitch-users] t.38 fax error

Jay Austad austad at signal15.com
Sat May 2 11:45:36 PDT 2009

I compiled mod_fax and enabled it in the freeswitch config.  I tried  
sending a test fax to 9978 and 9979, and get this error for both:

2009-05-02 13:35:08 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:597  
switch_channel_set_name() New Channel sofia/internal/1001 at  
2009-05-02 13:35:08 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:252 dialplan_hunt()  
Processing Fax Extension->9978 in context default
2009-05-02 13:35:08 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:649 answer_function()  
Channel [sofia/internal/1001 at] has been answered
2009-05-02 13:35:09 [ERR] sofia.c:3217 sofia_handle_sip_i_state()  
Reinvite Codec Error!

I'm using Zoiper to send the fax.  Any ideas why this is failing?

jay austad  |  612.423.1433  |  austad at signal15.com

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