[Freeswitch-users] MacOSX

Ken Gillett ken at ukgb.net
Wed Dec 30 10:45:38 PST 2009

This is beginning to confuse me. Some say just:

> - configure
> - make
> - make install

is required, but the docs say more is needed for modules.conf. I'm still not sure if this only applies when modules.conf has been edited. Anyone help there?

On 28 Dec 2009, at 14:37, Brian West wrote:

> "all" is no longer needed.
> /b
> On Dec 25, 2009, at 3:07 AM, Ken Gillett wrote:
>> 	make all install sounds-install moh-install.


	make install sounds-install moh-install.

is required? Always? Why?

Also, to bring this topic back to my original question (not that the diversity hasn't been interesting:-)

How can I best compile FS on one Mac and install it onto a different Mac?

Ken G i l l e t t


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