[Freeswitch-users] [ANN] Spice Telephony 0.9.5 released (FS based callcenter)

Andrew Thompson andrew at hijacked.us
Fri Dec 18 17:43:59 PST 2009

So, it's been a while since I mentioned this project, but its finally
nearing the point where it's going to be able to go into production (and
replace my old asterisk-based platform) so I decided to dredge it up

Briefly, spice telephony is a call/contact center platform that
leverages FS for VoIP, IVRs, call recording, etc. It also supports
handing email/voicemail contacts (chat is planned, too).

Here's some features:

* Skill based routing
* Priority, unified queues
* Web based administration, agent interaction (using the dojo toolkit)
* Supervisory drag and drop interface for managing agents/call flow
* Queue 'recipes' - ability to play announcements, send to voicemail,
  modify skills or priority based on certain conditions (queue time,
	media type, hour of day, # of available agents, etc).
* Integration API for importing agents/clients out of a CRM/AD/whatever
* Detailed CDRs recording every step of a call (IVR, Queue, Ring,
  Transfer, Wrapup, etc).

The project is implemented in Erlang (erlang.org) and thus allows
spice-telephony to be deployed as a distributed system (multiple nodes
aggregated into a single system). Calls can come into any node and,
skills permitting, can be offered to any agent on the local node or any
of the remote nodes. Nodes can also operate independantly if isolated by
a netsplit or simply deployed standalone. CDRs and config files are
stored in erlang's distributed database, mnesia, and CDRs can be output
in parallel to any node configured to do so (so you can have all your
call data in multiple places without having to do SQL replication).
Erlang's fault tolerant nature also allows the platform to be very
robust, entire subsystems can fail at runtime and be automatically
restarted by supervisor process, and the entire erlang node can be
automatically restarted if the node crashes.

There's a lot more than mentioned above, so I'd encourage anyone
interested to grab the latest release from:


and look at the install guide:


You'll need an erlang version >= R13B01 and ruby's 'rake' installed, you
shouldn't need much of anything else. It *does* work on windows but I
don't recommend it (I can try to help you get it working though).

There's also some more information available here:


The documentation is a little sparse, but I'll do my best to answer any
questions. Any feedback is appreciated.


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