[Freeswitch-users] PlayAndGetDigits multiple WAV files

Malay Thakershi malay.thakershi at continuityhealth.com
Tue Dec 15 11:56:41 PST 2009

Hello, I create one WAV file that has:


Question + Option 1 + Option 2 + Option 3 + .


I noticed towards end of the file Cepstral Allison starts chopping and
speeding up.


So my question text that gets converted to WAV file using swift EXE looks


<break strength='weak'/>Which is the biggest mammal on land?

<break strength='weak'/>Select one of the following choices.<break
strength='weak'/>Or press star to skip the question

<break strength='weak'/>1 <break strength='weak'/> Parrot

<break strength='weak'/> 2 <break strength='weak'/> Elephant

<break strength='weak'/> 3 <break strength='weak'/> T-Rex

<break strength='weak'/> 4 <break strength='weak'/> Blue Whale

<break strength='weak'/>


And my csharp code looks like:

                    pStrRetID = mObjMainSession.PlayAndGetDigits(1, 1, 3,
5000, "*#",

@"C:\FreeSWITCH\sounds\en\us\chAsmt\Student_1222\Q1.WAV ",


                        "^\\d", "");



What happens is, the voice just starts chopping and speeding up between
options. Even though I am not able to say that it only does that towards the
end, I think so.


I thought, if I break each file into individual WAV instead of 1 big WAV, it
may help?


Is there a way to play multiple (separate) WAV files in PlayAndGetDigits


Please help.


Malay Thakershi 


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