[Freeswitch-users] hardware requirement to run voip application

Dave Stevenson stevendt at primrosebank.net
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I am almost as new to all this as you, but, here is the benefit of my "experience" !

I cannot suggest any alternative hardware for you, although I'm sure others will, but can confirm that the SPA3102 is "FreeSwitch Friendly" - or rather, FreeSwitch is SPA3102 Friendly !

I started off with Softphones too, then added a few SIP hardware phones.

With FreeSwitch installed and working locally, I then added the SPA3102 to allow me to dial out on the PSTN line.

The SPA3102 was fairly straightforward to setup, but see the Wiki for the Linksys bug on RTP packet size that you'll need to adjust in the SPA3102 setup


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  Hi to all, 

  I dont know, whether I can post this question here or not, I dont have any other options . I hope some one will help me here.  Here is my question? 

  1. I have developed my voip application on top of freeSwitch, Its working fine with soft phone.
  2. Now, I need to test my application by calling my landline. I am living in India. 

  I did some googling, I got to this hardware, Linksys SPA3102 . Is this only hardware enough to run my voip application or need more hardware? 

  I am very new to this platform, and not having knowledge on hardware. Can anyone please suggest me which hardware which is freeswitch friendly? 


  Venkatesan OV.


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