[Freeswitch-users] Mutual Registration of servers

Otis abeka at greatiam.com
Mon Dec 7 10:50:58 PST 2009

Michael Collins wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 11:30 PM, Samuel Abekah-Mensah 
> <abeka at greatiam.com <mailto:abeka at greatiam.com>> wrote:
>     Pardon me if this has been addressed already.
>     How does one go about having in the simplest instance 2 servers
>     registering with each other on startup whereby the users registering
>     would be able to call each other.
>     The 2 servers are in different domains.
>     Thanks.
> Are the two servers in different locations? Different LANs? Is NAT 
> involved? Just checking. Really this is just a matter of loading the 
> default config on each machine and then making some decisions about 
> the dialplan: do you want prefix dialing so that you can have ext 1000 
> at both locations or do you want to have something like 1000~1099 at 
> location A and 1100~1199 at location B? From there it's just a matter 
> of creating the gateways on each machine and adding a dialplan entry 
> to handle the routing.
> -MC
Hello Michael
Are the two servers in different locations?  Yes
Different LANs?  Yes
Is NAT involved? Yes but for my test Nat is not . The production setup I 
have in mind will certainly have Nat
Each location will have their won set of extension but there could be 
some overlap.
On server A a user would dial,. for example, 98 followed by the 
extension number of the user on server B  and the call would then be 
routed  to the extension on server B.  And the same could be from Server 
B to a user on Server A




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