[Freeswitch-users] Lua and database access to core_db

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
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The MySQL version is 5.1.37. Well I'm not an expert on every field, and I have no skills in the C, include libraries, and the art of compiling. For this I have to follow the guidelines. But it wouldn't harm the FS project if it generally became more accessible to the race of non-specialists, which I hereby represent.

Jon Brüel

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Most of this is unfortunatly because you do not have the proper skill to set it up because, with the proper skills, all of the ways you tried would have ended sucessfully.  I say that beacause I have had many users use each of the different methods in your list of failures only they were sucessful.

What you are asking for is possible but would require many hours of coding just to help solve your problem.
You would have to wait a really long time until someone had the time to do it for free or post a bounty for it.  Probably about 1k in consulting time.  It may be cheaper for you to pay a consultant to set up one of the ways known to work.  These are your options as I see it.
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What version of MySQL are you using?

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