[Freeswitch-users] Remote fetching of voicemail

Frank Carmickle frank at carmickle.com
Wed Dec 2 10:05:48 PST 2009

On Wed, Dec 02, Fran??ois Legal wrote:
> No, my voicemail extension (I have 2 actually) is called
> vmain_unregistered_user, so in voicemail.conf.xml I have :
> <param name="vmain_extension" value="vmain_unregistered_user"/>
> But still (and I don't even know if I'm using it the right way), I would
> expect that when the voicemail greeting starts, I could press * on the
> phone to call the vmain_unregistered_user extension in my dialplan, but
> that never happens.
> What I want, is when someone dials in (this is usefull only from outside
> so via FXO line) his extension (or any other, it's not important) that
> when
> he reach the voicemail to leave a message, override the "leave a message"
> voicemail and enter the "check my messages" voicemail (with an
> authentication step).
> I'm not sure this is clear.

Totally clear.  My last example of extension vmain should have the goodies you need to have it work correctly.  I have not tested changing 

      <param name="vmain-extension" value="vmain XML default"/>

to something different.  Maybe this is broken?  Try setting it back to the default and making your changes in the dialplan like I did.  I can tell you that it is working as of svn 15396.  


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