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You need to write you a small application to use the sip_registration table
from your odbc datasource and route the call to the appropriate registration
server and then have that server send the calls out... I am doing this exact
same thing now and this is what I had to do to get it to work properly with
a stack of clients behind nat

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I am using two boxes, with same domain, to register about 1000 users working
together a DNS box doing round robin to resolve two differentes Ips one to
each box. This two boxes are using the same database (through unixodbc).

When I use the funcion sofia_contact or sofia profile status both boxes show
the status of the user. Does not matter where the resgistration was did.

But when I try to call the user this call fails, the call only works if the
call is sent through the same box where the user is registered.

Any ideas where i need to looking for ?

Thx in Advance.

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