[Freeswitch-users] Newbie startup help. Tutorial? Learning path?

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Aug 26 12:58:10 PDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 6:25 AM, Merle J. Ebbert <se02005-mec at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to avoid taking up a lot of peoples valuable time.
> SIP & FS have  brought some ideas for some commercial products but I
> need to know where to start.
> Having once written a proprietary DOS & helped with writing a RTOS, I
> consider myself capable
> of learning.  I (we) just need to know where to start to come up to
> speed rapidly.
> Is there a FreeSWITCH tutorial available?
> Should someone new start with Asterisk and then possibly move to FS?
> Thanks,
> Merle

BTW, if you're in Europe then you can get a copy of the September issue of
Linux-Pro magazine. (I thinks it's just called Linux Magazine in Europe.) It
has a very gentle introduction to FS. The mag should be available any time
in US and end of August in Australia/NZ.
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