[Freeswitch-users] Moved Freeswitch to new subnet.

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I have looked at that but I am confused on which files need to be edited. Since I have already installed in Wanpipe mode with the Sangoma card I skipped straight to the Wanpipe section. It mentions setting the [span wanpie PRI_1] etc in the openzap.conf then further down it mentions editing the autoload_configs/openzap.conf.xml with a completely different format of config.

Are these the same file? If not where does the first one mentioned reside?

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Can somebody point me in the right direction to get my new T-1 taking to the Sangoma A101?

Are you using PRI or just a 24 channel T1, aka CAS or RBS? Check out this page for some handy information:


P.S. - If you join #openzap and/or #freeswitch on irc.freenode.net<http://irc.freenode.net> you can usually get real-time help with most of these questions.

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