[Freeswitch-users] Choppy voive in conference from fritzbox to freeswitch (ptime:30 msecs)

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Thu Aug 20 06:38:34 PDT 2009

This is a bug in the fritzbox... you have to set your codec neg. to  
greedy on the sofia profile and that should fix it.


On Aug 20, 2009, at 8:35 AM, Peter P GMX wrote:

> Hello,
> when calling from Fritzbox to a Snom Phone , sound is fine. But when
> calling an internal Freeswitch number (conference, mailbox) i hear a
> very choppy voice coming from the fritzbox side. I think it may have  
> to
> do with the ptime 20msec/30msec.
> Example: When calling from the fritzbox to a voicemail then the
> annoucement from Freeswitch is choppy (too slow with interrups), but  
> the
> recorded message is fine.
> Did anybody experience the same problem?
> Best regards
> Peter

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