[Freeswitch-users] Confused about conferences

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Wed Aug 12 15:33:48 PDT 2009

Bradley Brashier wrote:
> Before I go further, I want to make sure I understand what you're 
> proposing. What you're essentially saying is that when the command to 
> kick someone is pressed the person should be transferred out of the 
> conference, checked for moderator status, asked whom to kick (if so), 
> and then let back in while the system kicks that person. The other 
> commands would work similarly. Does this sound like a correct summary?

Absolutely what I am trying to do.

> Followed by (I picked up the "kick" syntax from the wiki):
>         <action application="conference" data="$(conf-id) kick 
> $(conf-user-id)"/>

This is a significant new fact for me.  What you seem to be doing is 
calling the commands referenced in the conference api here


by using application="conference" and then the data string as the second 
part of the command.  Am I correct in the assumption that you can do this.

> Bigger problem: the conf-user-id he enters has to be the member ID that 
> FS chose for the user he's trying to kick. That number will make sense 
> if you're following the system closely, but for someone who doesn't know 
> FS internals, it will be impossible to know unless you broadcast it to 
> him somehow. To my knowledge, there's no way to use any other identifier 
> (like caller-id) to kick them with.

If my assumption about the use of the API above is correct, then 
couldn't I do something like

<action application="set" data="member-list=${conference(${conf-id} 
<action application="execute_extension" data="do-kick"/>
and the figure out a regular expression to get participant-id and 
caller-id out of the resultant string.

Or is this not how its done?

Alan Chandler

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