[Freeswitch-users] how to catch DTMF in Lua while a phrase macro is playing

Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Sat Aug 8 10:16:19 PDT 2009

On Aug 8, 2009, at 11:59 AM, Brian West wrote:

> Examples exist in the scripts/lua folder called callback.lua.

i read this example code, but it doesn't seem to really address my  
question.  if you re-read the code and explanation that i posted  
earlier, the input callback is working when i do something like  
session:streamFile("blah"), but *not* when i do something like  
session:execute("phrase", "blah,args")).  to be clear, the phrase  
plays just fine, but when i press keys during the phrase playback, the  
input callback doesn't get fired.  am i missing something obvious  
here?  you should be able to drop that code in that i provided earlier  
to verify what i'm talking about.

one thing i will add is that i'm using portaudio for making the call  
and sending the DTMF.  i'll try testing this out with a regular sip  
client and see if the same thing occurs...

> Also
> please DO NOT hijack threads.  You can't click reply, change the
> subject as it messes up the mailing list threading and most mail
> readers will thread it incorrectly.

sorry, i've never had that problem before -- i can certainly adjust  :)

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