[Freeswitch-users] switch_ivr_set_user() can't find user

John Wehle john at feith.com
Tue Nov 25 16:58:49 PST 2008

I can call between VoIP phone ext 1001 and 1003 fine.  I can call
from VoIP phone ext 1003 over a winkstart line into the PBX fine.
Before updating to the current SVN I could also call from the PBX
over a winkstart line to VoIP ext 1003 fine.  Now what I see is:

[NOTICE] switch_channel.c:551 switch_channel_set_name() New Channel OpenZAP/4:1/1003 [d99f59f2-52bb-dd11-80a4-001fc6ab49e2]
[WARNING] switch_ivr.c:1832 switch_ivr_set_user() can't find user [default@]
[WARNING] mod_dptools.c:2024 user_outgoing_channel() Can't find user [1003@]
[ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:1067 switch_ivr_originate() Can not create outgoing channel of type [user] cause: [SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT]

It appears openzap sees the request from the PBX fine ... somehow
FreeSWITCH can't connect the openzap inbound call to 1003 with the
VoIP phone on ext 1003.

Suggestions / pointers?

-- John
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