[Freeswitch-users] Odd Problem with Failed Gateway Registrations

Jonathan Palley jpalley at idapted.com
Sun Nov 23 20:46:25 PST 2008

Hi All -
  Getting an odd sporadic problem with our gateways.  Occasionally the  
registration will fail with a wrong timestamp and it will not recover  
from this failure until we run "sofia profile outbound restart".

Running "sofia status" gives something like:

                chinacts2       gateway       sip:1183285781 at 
       FAILED (retry: -1227500590s)
                 chinacts       gateway         sip:31200806 at 
                 vitelity       gateway      sip:idapted at sip5.vitelity.net 
       FAILED (retry: -1227500590s)
                 sipphone       gateway   sip:17476731237 at proxy01.sipphone.com 
   FAILED (retry: -1227500590s)
                  binfone       gateway         sip:101586 at sip.binfone.com 
                  efonica       gateway   sip:35299024 at registrar.proxy.efonica.com 

Notice how some gateways remained registered and others don't.  The  
gateways are fine because, as mentioned previously, restarting the  
profile solves the problem.

This is happening sporadically.

Any ideas on this?

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