[Freeswitch-users] Supress Unregister at external gateway

David Knell dave at 3c.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 09:03:53 PST 2008

Hi Peter,

A quick brainstorm:-
(a) can you not do something where you deregister them one at a time, or 
in batches, on FS1
while registering them on FS2?
(b) use method 1, but set a short period for re-registration initially, 
and then increase it once FS1's
taken down?
(c) use method 1, but take FS1 off the network before taking it down 
(e.g. ifdown eth0, route delete default..?)
so that its unregistration attempts don't reach the gateways?

Cheers --

> I have the following scenario for a 2-server FS system with failover 
> functionality:
>     * I have a number of Gateways registered at FS1
>     * I have another number of Gateways registered at FS2
>     * In case I want to do maintenance on FS1 I would like all
>       external gateways to be registered on FS2 and then shutdown FS1
>     * This is not of a problem if I have only a handful of gateways,
>       but in our case they're about 10.000
>     * The goal is to minimze downtime, when I migrate  e.g. 5000
>       gateways from FS1 to FS2
>     * 1st method: The normal way would be to register (via xml-rpc or
>       socket) the new Gateway on FS2 and then deregister it on FS1.
>       FS1 sends an unregister (register with expires=0) to the gateway
>       though (after the register from FS2), so this Gateway
>       unfortunately no longer sends calls to any of the 2 FS.
>     * 2nd method: The other way is to deregister them first on FS1 and
>       then register them all on FS2. Because deregistering and
>       registering takes time with ~5000 Gateways (+ we have to ensure
>       that the new register has to take place after unregister), this
>       results in a significant downtime.
> So my question: Is there any way to suppress deregister messages to 
> the gateway?
> Best regards
> Peter
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