[Freeswitch-users] accountcode and user id not present in CDRs

regs at kinetix.gr regs at kinetix.gr
Tue Nov 18 10:50:55 PST 2008

I am using acls (cidr) to accept incoming calls from a gateway that
I do not want to register in my FS box.

I have this gateway configured in a xml file : 

  <user id="GATEWAY1" mailbox="" cidr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32">
      <param name="password" value="1234"/>
      <variable name="accountcode" value="CUSTOMER1"/>
      <variable name="user_context" value="my_context"/>
      <variable name="effective_caller_id_name" value="gateway1_callid"/>
      <variable name="effective_caller_id_number" value="238383838383"/>

I have the corresponding cidr in my ACL in acl.conf.xml.

I am able to make a call from that gateway to my FS but in my CDRs (both 
xml or cdr_csv)
the accountcode or user id is not present.

Any help on how to define an endpoint (originating) and use some 
attribute (like account_code or user id)
for billing purposes?

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