[Freeswitch-users] mod_fax feedback

Gonzalo Servat gservat at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 06:22:22 PST 2008


Nice work on mod_fax! I just tried sending myself a couple of faxes and they
were received successfully. I even tried using tone_detect which correctly
detected the fax machine and fired off rxfax.

I wanted to report back on a couple of issues:

1) Even though the spool dir is set to /tmp/, I called up rxfax with
data="rxfax.tiff" and it saved it in /. Shouldn't it save it in the spool

2) After receiving the fax, the channel is never hanged up. The tone_detect
app even detects the busy tone (which calls the hangup application when it
detects it) but it just sits there for a long time until I manually
uuid_kill it. Log says:

2008-11-17 11:59:08 [DEBUG] switch_core_session.c:489
switch_core_session_perform_receive_message() Send signal OpenZAP/1:1/1
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:163 phase_e_handler()
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:170 phase_e_handler() Fax successfully
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:181 phase_e_handler() Remote station
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:182 phase_e_handler() Local station
id:  Home
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:183 phase_e_handler() Pages
transferred: 1
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:184 phase_e_handler() Total fax
pages:   1
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:185 phase_e_handler() Image
resolution:  8031x3850
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:186 phase_e_handler() Transfer
Rate:     9600
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:188 phase_e_handler() ECM
status         off
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:189 phase_e_handler() remote
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:190 phase_e_handler() remote
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:191 phase_e_handler() remote
2008-11-17 12:00:20 [DEBUG] mod_fax.c:193 phase_e_handler()
2008-11-17 12:00:23 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_async.c:1228 tone_detect_callback()
2008-11-17 12:00:23 [DEBUG] switch_core_session.c:667
switch_core_session_queue_private_event() Send signal OpenZAP/1:1/1 [BREAK]

... time goes by ... show channels returns:

FreeSWITCH>show channels

1 total.

... until I finally call:

FreeSWITCH>uuid_kill da211ab0-b4af-11dd-9b26-492b0027ea62

In the dialplan, right after calling rxfax I call the hangup application.

Thanks to all involved for making FS, mod_fax, spandsp, etc! :)

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated.
- Gonzalo
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