[Freeswitch-users] FACILITY_NOT_SUBSCRIBED (fixed)

Peter P GMX Prometheus001 at gmx.net
Wed Nov 12 06:58:32 PST 2008

Hello Anthony,

I compared in detail a previous installaton with the current one and
found out that

    * internal.xml had a missing entry for the domain (<profile
      name="internal" domain="$${domain}">) (is not in the default
      config file either)
    * there was no NAT configuration at all, so I copied the files from
      a previous installation

I added the entries and now it works.

Thank your for your support
and best regards

Anthony Minessale schrieb:
> you are calling
> user/<user>@<domain>
> This is going to use the USER channel which does a lookup in your XML
> directory for <domain>
> the looks for <user> with the appropriate id within that domain.
> once it finds one it will try to fetch the param dial-string from
> <params> in <user> or <domain> (in that order)
> once it finds that it tries to call it.
> Clearly you have that misconfigured because it is not resolving it.
> That is why my previous suggestion was to try the default config to
> compare.
> mv /usr/local/freeswitch/conf /usr/local/freeswitch/conf.bak
> make install
> The sample config uses the ip of the box as the domain and offers user
> 1000-1016 or something like that all with pass 1234.
> Also,
> If you do not name your profile the same name as your domain or at
> least have an alias for the profile that is equal to your domain name
> you will not be able to use the user channel.
> You can always opt for the alternate method of sofia/<profile
> name>/user%<domain>
> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Peter P GMX <Prometheus001 at gmx.net
> <mailto:Prometheus001 at gmx.net>> wrote:
>     regarding:
>     >it means your user is not registered.
>     Before I made the call I registered both phones manually (btw. I can
>     make calls from both phones).
>     Then I did a sofia status profile internal and it shows me both phones
>     registered on that domain:
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