[Freeswitch-users] Socket outbound: How to bridge two calls?

Birgit Arkesteijn birgit at westhawk.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 02:48:44 PST 2008

Hi Dennis,

No, sorry, my knowledge of FreeSWITCH is still rather limited.
Hopefully someone else on the list will know.

Cheers, Birgit

On 06/11/08 09:14, Dennis wrote:
> hi birgit,
> thanks for your reply!
> some days ago anthony told me about "intercept" in the irc, but i seem
> not to be able to use it, at least not for connecting two channels
> with each other.
> we need to first originate, because we want to have complete control
> over all channels and chose, what to do with them.
> what we have, is an answered inbound channel and an originate at
> &park(). let's say, we play a soundfile for the originated channel
> (outbound) and then want connect both channels with each other.
> when we sendmsg intercept <uuid> (the uuid is the  uuid of the
> inbound), we get channel_execute intercept and
> channel_execute_complete intercept for call-direction outbound. but we
> can not talk to each other and won't get any more information about
> the status.
> do you have a clue, what the problem could be or what we could try else?
> regards,
> dennis

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