[Freeswitch-users] VxML Parser?

Andrew Gilbert gilbertandrew at mac.com
Tue Nov 4 06:35:30 PST 2008

It looks like there are 2 viable vxml parser projects, listed here.  
The commetrex project is a close relative if not simply OpenVxi. The  
rev at CMU is older, but the one on SourceForge appears semi-current  
(3.4). This is also what is being used by VoiceGlue, an integration  
with Asterisk.

The jvoicexml project is java based and doesn't look to be as far  
along in terms of tag support. So I spent a few minutes with OpenVXI.

OpenVxi has a set of interfaces one needs to support to make a full  
fledged voice browser. Some are provided in the reference  
implementation, such as logging, etc. Others need to be provided, for  
example call control (VXItel.h), prompting (VXIprompt.h), etc.

Seems like this would all be possible using something like event  
socket and glue code to implement the required OpenVXI interfaces.  
Call control and prompting sure seem possible that way. But I would  
really want someone from FS to comment on whether that makes sense.

If I get more bandwidth over next few days I will try to get OpenVXI  
built and explore more. But again, having some input from FS devs  
would be great.


On Nov 3, 2008, at 11:57 PM, Douglas Garstang wrote:

> Thanks.
> Maybe I need to go and get my hands more dirty, but how would  
> freeswitch interface to this?
> Doug.
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> Here..
> The most active  VoiceXML projects...
> http://jvoicexml.sourceforge.net/
> http://jvoicexml.sourceforge.net/documentation.htm
> http://www.commetrex.com/products/ctmiddleware/bladewarevxml.html
> -E
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