[Freeswitch-users] Performance bottleneck

Darren Schreiber d at d-man.org
Tue Aug 12 12:35:25 PDT 2008

I dont know if this makes any sense - it's just an idea.
If you're willing to take the hit of running MySQL, I know that it's
replication features could potentially be used. You can have the primary
MySQL server run in ramdisk and get all the performance benefits of doing so
while also writing log files to the ram disk in a seperate area. Those
logfiles can, using MySQL's built in replication features, be copied over to
a backup server and played backup, giving you both a hot spare as well as a
disk based backup.
This does three things for you:
1) Gives you backup on disk, while preserving performance in RAM
2) Gives you a live backup that you can quickly shunt things over to if for
some reason the primary dies
3) Allows you to handle spikes in volume. MySQL by default will just write
to the log files and they can be played back later by the (slower) backup
server, so a spike in volume of calls should not cause the server to slow
down per say. There is a small risk your data will be lost if there is a
failure for whatever is not copied over to the (slower) backup server, but
that's unlikely to be that huge a lag (better then nothing).
As to whether any of this applies (like why the heck you'd install MySQL on
a ramdisk to start), I can't say. but it's a thought...Oh, and you need a
lot of RAM ;-)


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Actually I don't know of any mechanism that will back up the DB... Where
sqlite does work well for small to medium installations it only scales to a
point... Sqlite does not reuse 'nodes' in the db on an update... It marks
them as dead and creates a new entry... While this works ok on smaller
tables w/ light to medium updates after a while you have to compress or
vacuum the tables... This requires a table level lock with sqlite... FS does
have some things built in to handle this, but under load this can cause the
switch to appear to hang.

Switching over to use something like Postgresql (my prefered db) helps out a
good bit here, but keep in mind that in doing so you greatly increase the
resources required for the db. Also don't forget that pgsql has a similar
mechanism on how it handles updates, just don't forget to enable
auto-vacuuming on pgsql...  That is a discussion for a different list tho



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Well putting the db in ram does help a bit but it has to keep states of
everything going on and do extra work for that... its a heavy task in

On Aug 12, 2008, at 1:19 PM, Michael Collins wrote:

That begs the question. is there a mechanism in sqlite or Linux that allows
for the RAM drive to be backed up periodically?  That would be a cool
feature to get documented for those power users like Ken! ;)

Brian West
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