[Freeswitch-users] DTMF recognition and nbound calls

Ilan Perez iperez at diagnosticdev.com
Thu Aug 7 17:45:23 PDT 2008

Col, thanks for supporting my problem

FS braniacs please come to the rescue J


Ilan Perez


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I had the same problem #2 using an analog line and a Xorcom astribank.  I
also found that the analog line inbound caller could hangup before any
internal analog extensions had answered, and FS wouldn't see the hangup
properly and keep ringing the internal analog extensions.


I ran out of fiddling time, so never resolved this but would really like to
see it working.



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For problem #1 you probably need to use the DTMF detection application. The
symptoms your describing match and your code is missing this.


Try adding:

<action application="start_dtmf" data="true"/>



Problem #2, does this occur on an analog line?



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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] DTMF recognition and nbound calls

Dear All,


I have setup my inbound extension (in the public.xml) diaplan to transfer to
extension 5000 à the demo IVR

The recordings come through nicely. From an internal call the demo fine
including DTMF recognition but with inbound calls from external source
pstn line



Two problems occur.

1.       There is no DTMF recognition

2.       If I hangup during the playback the system still plays out the
whole IVR


Here is my code for the extension.


Hopefully someone can help me out

<extension name="public_did">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(0283472006)$">

            <action application="set" data="call_timeout=60"/>

            <action application="set" data="group_confirm_file=C:/Program

            <action application="set" data="group_confirm_key=4"/>


    <action application="set" data="RECORD_TITLE=Recording
${destination_number} ${caller_id_number} ${strftime(%Y-%m-%d %H:%M)}"/>

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_COPYRIGHT=(c) 2008 Diagnostic
Devices, Inc."/>

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_SOFTWARE=FreeSwitch"/>

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_ARTIST=Ian Curtis"/>

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_COMMENT=Love will tear us

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_DATE=${strftime(%Y-%m-%d

    <action application="set" data="RECORD_STEREO=false"/>

     <action application="set" data="playback_terminators=#*"/>

    <action application="record_session" data="C:/Program

    <action application="set" data="ringback=${us-ring}"/>


 <action application="transfer" data="5000 XML default"/> 


         <!--    <action application="bridge" data="user/1207@$${domain}"/>







Ilan Perez



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