[Freeswitch-users] dialplan of two profile users

Jengjr Lee ( 李正之 ) JengjrLee at taiwanmobile.com
Thu Aug 7 03:22:53 PDT 2008

Dear all :
    I would like to create 2 profiles which represent 2 company.
There will be the same extension no in these 2 profiles.
For example , one is "default" , another is "inter2".
I am not familiar with the dialplan file , command, logic , control ; 
don't know how to control the 
call from these 2 profile extensions.
Or is there any more info explain it deeply ?
                     Name          Type                               Data      State
                 internal       profile   sip:mod_sofia at 210.x.x.x:5060     RUNNING (0)
                 external       profile   sip:mod_sofia at 210.x.x.x:5080     RUNNING (0)
                      nat       profile   sip:mod_sofia at 210.x.x.x:5070     RUNNING (0)
                  default         alias                           internal      ALIASED
           210.x.x.x         alias                           internal      ALIASED
                   inter2       profile   sip:mod_sofia at 210.y.y.y:5060     RUNNING (0)
           210.y.y.y         alias                             inter2      ALIASED
                 outbound         alias                           external      ALIASED
4 profiles 4 aliases
freeswitch at localhost> sofia_contact 1526 at 210.x.x.x
API CALL [sofia_contact(1526 at 210.x.x.x)] output:
sofia/internal/1526 at 219.8.z.z:15421

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